Jhecie Johnsen

Traditional & Digital Artist - Literary Writer & Editor
Programmer - Game Developer - Composer/Musician
World Builder - Lore Creator

An INTJ polymath out to rule the world after finding
and eating the perfect dinner on a sunny Friday morning. ^_^!

Creative Projects

*These are mostly personal projects, you can see more of my work in my workroom .

Featherlight (in progress)
a light novel series set in the tWkaB universe's modern timeline -- at the closing of the 2nd Age, The Age of Seasons and the beginning of the 3rd Age, The Age of Progress.

Fuego! (in progress)
In collaboration and co-written with David Rose, a fantasy and adventure light novel series of swashbuckling pirates on the virgin seas of the newly created world of Fuego. The tale unfolds in the eyes of a young dragon, his chosen rider and a ragtag pair of pirates.

Lost Voice (in progress)
A fantasy and adventure light novel and roleplay game on a 3-tiered world universe that's connected to modern day Japan.

Fuego! RPG (in progress)
Join the adventures of the Nimue pirates in the virgin seas of Fuego!

Adventures of Trivia Elf and Cute Jellyfish

Adventures of Trivia Elf and Cute Jellyfish
(on hiatus)
a simple comic strip about useless trivia as interpreted by a clueless elf and a smart floating jellyfish.

The Chessman's Mark RP (2018) (undetermined status)
RPG request for world building and lore creation in Google Plus communities dropped by the original requester and the permission to use and continue the game concept was granted to me.

Wasteland Wunderland (in progress)
A fantasy and adventure roleplay game on the macabre and weird cryptids of European origin most especially from Slavic and Scandinavian folktales. A project collaboration with Maros Kocur.
Set in the universe of Lost Voice.

This Time, My Friend DEMO (in progress)
A demo collaboration project from BUGS Workshop of Regnbue.NET.

Devrixity (2017) (completed)
A series of promotional design for a cloud gaming platform company, Devrixity.

Yule 2018 Give-Aways (completed)
Hand-painted and hand-crafted keychains with laminated print of My Little Wispies©Positive Quotes design. This included a small notebook printed or hand-drawn with my own designs.

Til Neste År©2020 (completed)
A short adventure roleplay game to thank friends online and offline for their support during the difficult time of year 2020.
Download available at itch.io

Collaborate with JhekieJ

Are you interested to work on a collaboration project with me?

I do like doing collaborative works and accept invitations or requests for collaboration projects. Please keep in mind tho that I am not a full-time student (sabbatical from university), I have work and projects of my own. I also travel a lot that may include places where internet is slow or there is no network.
The busiest time of the year for me is the last two weeks of November, all December and first two weeks of January. I am usually on the road for the most part of the summer months (between June to August). Due to this, it is important that I know the outline details of the project and schedule as early as possible so I can fit it in my schedule.
Please consider timezones when sending a DM on Discord. I am usually online from 10:30-19:00 (actively workiing) and go to bed at around 1-3:00 CEST.

I don't join collaboration groups anymore as I already have my own collaboration group. Feel free to join us. XD

*Regnbue.NET :
Main collaboration group. Regnbue is rainbow in Norwegian and .NET stands for network/ing.
The official general information website. The official Discord server.
Dodging Dojo :
Publishing, Animation and Audio projects of Regnbue.NET.
The magazine, animation and audio projects website.
The official Discord server
BUGStudio Workshop :
Dedicated Game Development of Regnbue.NET.
Official information and projects website
The official Discord server

Looking forward to collaborating with you!

See more of my works?

More artwork samples can be seen in my workroom while below are the only art galleries that I am using to post my artworks, crafts, writing and creative videos on the net, including my official online portfolio.

FAQs About JhekieJ

General Info

Location and Timezone?
Norway, GMT+1, (UTC +1) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris or CEST

How many languages do you understand?
Online, I mainly communicate in English. But I am conversant in three (3) main and four (4) minor languages. Non-conversant but with some understanding on two (2).

What is your art style?
My main art style for drawing illustrations is mainly Japanese-inspired mixed with stylized art designs that have heavy influences from traditional Scandinavian (Nordic), Celtic and Greek embroidery, tapestry, ornaments and scrollworks designs.

Do you give away/send physical artworks?
I used to send out physical artworks back when G+ still existed through contests or special occasions. After G+ closed down, I haven't found any social media outlet where I feel secure to do so, so I don't do it any more.

But don't you still do art and ATC exchanges?
Yes, I do.
Information is over here but I only participate in digital and not physical art exchange. For ATCs, I only the exchange at ATCs for All in group swaps as there is only one facilitator who handles our private info.

Can you draw me nudes?
As long as it is of artistic nature and nothing explicit that could be mistaken for porn. Sure, why not. :)

What's the deal with your pfp/avatar?
Actually, that's just entirely by accident. The 'peeking eye with blue hair' is actually one of the mascots in a now defunct website about silly anime reviews I used to keep with a friend. When I came back online after a very long hiatus in 2013-14, in particular becoming active in Google+, I wanted to use my own artwork for my avatar/pfp. I had actual blue-dyed forelocks at that time and while looking through my old files, I found the mascot and tried it out temporarily. I used both the peeking eye and an outstretched hand of the mascot (the whole image was the mascot doing a ta-dah! pose) interchangeably. The peeking eye got stuck and everyone I met from thereon had greatly associated me with the blue hair, so I just kept it as my official identity so that I am easily recognizable across different social media outlets I use. XD

What's your connection to BlueWolfWhisky?
Before my long hiatus and return online in 2013-14, I've used different usernames for online games and roleplaying (narrative and tabletop) in general. BlueWolfWhisky was the one I used in my last gaming run. Since last year, I've started to use it as a pen-name for my writing and tabletop roleplaying simulation games in Discord. The avatar/pfp I use for this is a grey wolf howling to the moon. :)

Any advice for new artists or writers?
Practice a lot, read a lot and don't think that nobody will like your work. There will always be someone, somewhere who will appreciate your creations.

Can I chat with you?

You are an interesting person. Can we chat?
Sure! I really like interacting with people online. Contact information here. Full disclosure tho, I am rather boring, truly evil and have thoughts of world domination. XD
**Please consider timezones when msging me. I am usually online from 10:30-19:00 (actively workiing) and go to bed at around 1-3:00 CEST.

What questions do you avoid or don't answer and why?
I am very particular to avoid questions that may compromise my security and privacy. Especially questions that are quite irrelevant to my main purpose of being online. But I am an adult who can legally buy and drink an alcoholic beverage at anytime. XD

What is your purpose being online?
Aside from the obvious reasons as to why a person uses the internet, I maintain an online presence mainly to showcase my artworks and writing. Indulging in my hobbies like reading, playing online games and creative roleplaying while interacting with other people online are secondary. I strictly have no interest in fostering any relationships that goes beyond being friendly in nature.

So what pronouns should I use with you?
It's up to you, I technically don't care as long as I am not referred to as an it (as I am still a person and not an object, lol). I am socially non-binary online. XD

Hey, I know you! We met/been classmates somewhere.
I see. Then we can catch up in private and I request that you respect my privacy and not compromise it. :)

Any life advice?
Life is short, try everything (within reason and nothing illegal, mind you) even just once. Live. :)

Social Media and Websites

Below are all the official social media and websites that I use and have. Some are actively updated while most are not. If it's not listed, that's more likely somebody else with the same name or an impostor. I don't use Facebook and only browse on Instagram.

If in doubt, just msg me. :)

Contact Info

Would you like to directly contact me? I rarely check my emails but you can catch me for a chat over at Discord. Either join one of the Discord* servers I am in or send a friend request to JhekieJ#0279.

Discord Servers
AGCSHub : Anything Goes Creative Society Hub
AGRP : Anything Goes Role Play

*Please consider timezones when sending a DM on Discord. I am usually online from 10:30-19:00 (actively workiing) and go to bed at around 1-3:00 CEST.

Art Exchange and Creative Requests

I may accept requests if my schedule allows it. It may also depend on the difficulty of the request and my interest/motivation to do it. Digital art only.
Things that may interest me :
stylized designs and scrollworkschibi drawingssketches of OCfantasy world mapsan interesting premise for a game

Interest to buy my ACEOs, head over to commission me, if any are currently available. Be ready with an address.
I mainly exchange/swap ATCs at ATCs for All. I may make exceptions, just send me request. No guarantees tho. :)

Art Exchange and Creative Requests Form